My name is Dhairya Shah. I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Orgenik E-commerce Private Limited. is an online platform that offers wide range of organic and natural food products.

I’m currently available for New Business Projects.

Recent Statements:

“Industry is the secondary sector of the economy and is having its 4th revolution that includes automation of traditional manufacturing by using modern technologies but on the other side, we all are ignoring our primary sector that is agriculture. Indian history says that agriculture had green revolution, blue revolution, and so on, and they happened at their right time based on the needs of the people, but currently observing the issues of farmers like debt-burden due to lower incomes, and issues with consumers like getting exploited by paying high prices, and obtaining bad quality food products full of chemicals and pesticides, it is an urgent need and a high time to create an Agricultural Revolution in the country and according to me that would be an Organic Agricultural Revolution which can solve multiple issues of farmers’ low income and consumers need for best quality healthy food products and all this with the help of modern farming techniques, and technology for both farmers and consumers to gain awareness, buying and selling, and so on”.


I’m based in Ahmedabad, India. I am a veteran of the Management industry.

I am natural born go-getter and ever since I was a young boy, I've had a passion for acquiring knowledge and adapting new things.

My exposure to learn and adapt new things keeps me focused on opportunities to improve processes.I love connecting with people who have a passion for working. For me, it's all about discovering things in Business Administration.

I believe that real-life skills harness through "EXPERIENCES" and not by sitting in a classroom.


Orgenik is an online platform that offers genuine, authenticated organic and pure natural food products. It connects sellers and buyers across India.

Industrial Park

I help established brands understand new audiences in emerging markets, with a special focus on shifting definitions of luxury in rapidly modernizing economies.


I’ve conducted numerous studies, project reports on the economy of India. I have studied Indian Economy: History and Public Policies. I have done specialization in Economics. Mainly, I am focusing on Agriculture sector of India.

I am a graduate with a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration.

I have done multiple internships in fields like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources. I have worked as a Finance Intern at Deloitte, India.

My vision is to bring an Organic Agricultural Revolution by 2030 in India.

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